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Offering innovative solutions to move your business forward
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Wherever you are in your business, having a qualified outside perspective is always helpful to optimize your processes and cut costs and thereby increase your profits.

Trust Kim Law Firm LLC to provide you with this outside perspective. We offer business startup consulting on a broad array of legal and business topics. Our consultants are trained to see the deficiencies in your framework, work through them through innovative solutions, all while highlighting your strengths.

Among the legal and consulting services we offer include but are not limited to the following:

Small Business Development
Our small business development service will aid entrepreneurs with the assistance and expertise to start, run, and grow. This can range from ideation to liquidation.
Drafting and negotiating contracts
Our contract drafting and negotiating service will ensure that businesses can avoid breaches of contracts and potential lawsuits and even boost business relationships.
Investor pitch preparation
Including financial modeling and evaluation, our investor pitch preparation service will guarantee that business owners can quickly get their potential investor’s attention and encourage them to commit.
SBA and conventional loan packaging services
Depending on a business owner’s preferences, our SBA loans (or loans that are backed by the Small Business Administration) and conventional loan packaging services will help fund core offerings and other business processes through a diverse range of programs and terms.
Notary public services (online counterpart service coming soon)
Our notary public services will administer oaths, certify official documents or official copies of it, take sworn statements, and serve as witnesses to signed documents, among others.

Now Is the Time to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Allow us to guide your practice to its full potential. For more questions about our agency and how we can help you, don’t hesitate to send them here. You may also set an appointment with us directly for a more thorough discussion of your needs.